Assessing My Learning Power

Assessing My Learning Power

‘CLARA’, was developed both to test out and refine the researchers’ understanding of learning power and to provide  people with rapid feedback about themselves as learners so that they can used this data to become more aware of themselves as learners. The data, in the form of a Spider Diagram and an Orientation to Learning Indicator is rich with information for you to use to understand yourself and others and become even better at learning.

In the questionnaire, you rate yourself against 49 statements on a four-point scale. CLARA is a ‘self-report’ questionnaire – it re-organises what you say about yourself into a profile: seven of the dimensions in the form of a spider diagram, with an ‘indicator’ for ‘Orientation to Learning’. Here is an example of a CLARA Learning Power Profile and the Orientation to Learning Indicator:


Spider Diagram example


The profile provided by CLARA is contextual – your CLARA profile is determined by your perception of yourself at a point in time and in relation to the learning context (or contexts) in your mind at that time.

The tool reflects changes in your perception of yourself as a learner and/or changes in your learning context. This means that learning facilitators and coaches can support you with strategies that improve your learning power.