Improving My Learning Power

With support from your facilitator or coach, you can plan and implement learning strategies, making improvements that increase your likelihood of performing well, achieving better results and fulfilling your potential.

Research shows that by choosing improvement activities that are relevant in the context of your own learning, especially if supported by a coaching relationship, you can improve your capacity to learn.

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Referring to the improvement ideas in this booklet, prepare for a discussion with your learning facilitator or coach, asking yourself these questions and, perhaps, jotting down your thoughts:

  • How and when do I experience the stronger and weaker dimensions in my life?
  • How could my stronger dimensions help me to learn how to develop the others?
  • What difference would it make if I improved these dimensions in situations that matter to me?
  • How could I think, feel and act differently to strengthen my learning power?
  • ¬†Which learning dimension(s) is it important for me to improve?

Thinking ahead, try to imagine some situations in which you want to learn and perform successfully. Begin to identify ways in which you could use and improve your learning power in these situations.