Interpreting My Learning Power

Your CLARA profile tells you how you see yourself as a learner at this point in time. Learning is about how you respond to everything. It is about how you change the world and how you are changed by it, because of who you are, what you intend, what you perceive and what you think, say and do.

The spider diagram shows how you go about learning: where your strengths are and where you might want to get stronger. Look at it thoughtfully. As you learn more about your profile, you will become more aware of yourself as a learner. The dimensions offer a new language for learning and, as you begin to use it, you are likely to gain interest in improving the dimensions you want to develop.


With reference to the definitions of learning power in this booklet and what you know about yourself, look at your profile and consider these questions:

  • What do you think about your profile?
  • How well do you agree with it?
  • How well does it describe your learning power as you know it?
  • What experiences of learning have helped to shape it this way?
  • How would you like your profile to be?
  • How could you use your learning power strengths to improve your learning and performance?
  • What might you learn about yourself from this?
  • What might you do differently? 

Reflect on how you learn in different situations. As your understanding of the eight dimensions increases, consider how well you use each of them and how you might strengthen them.