My Learning Journey

Developing your learning power is one of four processes in an iterative learning journey that interconnects your sense identity and purpose with your achievement and performance.

Learning power is the way in which we regulate the flow of information and energy we encounter as we seek to achieve a particular purpose. We hardly notice learning when we are doing it. Learning power helps us to become ‘mindfully aware’ of our identity and purpose and to ‘mindfully’ identify, select and re-structure information in order to achieve something that matters. That way we can become more flexible, ready and agile in learning and change throughout our personal and professional lives.


Learning Journey

These processes are all important in becoming mindful learners. Our attention moves iteratively between them throughout a learning journey. Learning power influences the formation of identity and purpose as well as the development of knowledge and skills and competent performance.

Implications for Learning Facilitators and Coaches

An implication of this holistic view is that it defines the role of learning facilitators and coaches as enablers of individual learning journeys for a given context and for a certain time in their lives.

The need for professional skill in learner-centred practices, especially for the improvement of learning power, becomes clear.